Winter Set

I like fluff, so naturally I have a lot of fluffy leftovers in my stash.

This includes the mohair silk from my crochet Waves top in light purple and the gold and rust from my Novice Sweater. Then I have some brushed alpaca silk from my Sunday Sweater in purple and the white was used for swatches.

Turns out these colours actually go really well together!

I started off making the twisted headband in brioche and quickly realised I’d still have a lot of wool leftover. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t go for it and make a vest with all these leftovers to begin with.

Since I had so much left in each colour, I decided to make a neck warmer in the same colours.

I’ve been wanting to make a neck warmer for a while now. They’re so much easier to use instead of a scarf when it gets warmer, or to layer underneath a scarf to make sure no wind gets through on a particularly windy day – which it always seems to be lately.

To make the twisted headband, I followed a free pattern on Pinterest. There are so many out there and they’re super quick and easy to make.
I made the neck warmer by ear (if you can say that). I made a tube in brioche for the high neck and then knitted in the round for the yoke.

Now I only have a little white and purple brushed alpaca leftover. I might use them to test gauges otherwise, they will definitely come in handy for something soon.

I can highly recommend doing some colour work if you have a big stash to empty. You’ll never guess what colours actually work well together until you start.

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