Hello and welcome to Kiwidane Creative

My name is Maj-Britt and I’m 24 years old. I grew up in New Zealand and have spent the other half of my life in Denmark – Hence the Kiwidane 😉 

I love to knit, crochet, sew and simply be creative. 

I have been sewing and crocheting since I was a teenager, however I started getting more serious about it when I attended the Scandinavian Design College in 2017. Since then, I’ve been addicted to buying wool and always have a project list as long as my arm!

In 2020 I learned how to knit and completed a few projects during lockdown. (Video lectures are productive knitting times). I really enjoy photography and finding new ways to show my work and I love the opportunity Instagram gives, to share my projects with the creative community. 

As I will always be learning, this blog is for anyone at any stage in their creative journey. So if you’re a beginner, we will start together and if you’re advanced, we will learn advanced techniques together. 

Thanks for reading,

Much love

Maj-Britt Hemmingsen